KIKKI & FRANKI Sleepy Eyes

KIKKI & FRANKI Sleepy Eyes

One of Kikki & Franki’s best sellers by far are the gorgeous “Sleepy Eyes” otherwise known as “Eyelashes”. What a special sentiment to add to one’s wall.

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These are laser cut, coated wood (6mm thick). Each pack comes with 2 Sleepy eyes and each sleepy eye is 21cm wide.


  • You can use a number of mediums to apply your wood to your surface. We highly suggest stronger mediums like Silicone or a glue gun for the larger, heavier items. HEAVY DUTY double-sided tape and Velcro are perfect for the smaller pieces
  • Make sure your surface is clean and dust free.
  • Your surface does not have to be completely smooth.
  • Plan your layout on your wall first.
  • Apply your choice of sticking medium to the back of your wooden cut-out.
  • And simply stick it.
  • You can apply it to any surface (e.g.: Plastered wall, raw brick wall, window, mirror, a piece of furniture…)


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